Suzanne is the author of A Limp of Faith: Memoir of a Disabled Disciple, Credo House Publishers, 2019. She serves as Worship Coordinator at Panton Community Baptist Church and Director of the Addison County Gospel Choir in Vermont. She also offers humble, practical teaching on living by faith.

The following options are currently available:


Suzanne has a moving testimony which she is able to share in a thirty-minute or one-hour session.  At a church revival just before her sixteenth birthday, Suzanne made a fresh commitment to follow Christ, asking God to take full control of her life.  He did.  Within months she was diagnosed with CMT, a hereditary neuropathy. Then her father’s job required the family to move out of state. A series of broken romances and increasing symptoms of the disease left her grappling with self-worth and wondering if God would really provide for her. 


In addition to sharing her testimony for the first session, Suzanne can also provide teaching on any of these subjects for a second or third session.  These can certainly be adjusted according to your schedule.

  •  Memorizing Scripture – This has proven to be a source of true strength for Suzanne as she faces daily challenges and relies on the promises of God.  Suzanne can discuss why we should memorize scripture and share the methods she uses for memorizing individual verses as well as whole chapters.  A session on methods can be followed up with a session on practicing these methods.  Suzanne also shares specific stories of recalling scriptures in moments of crisis.

  • Disabled People in the Bible – Looking at the lives of Mephibosheth, Paul, and the unnamed paralytic can be a great encouragement that God will provide, even if he chooses not to heal.  Suzanne also shares about her own battle of faith when God chose not to heal her.  2 Corinthians 12, 2 Samuel 9, Luke 5.

  • The Gentleness of Jesus – Fall in love with the person of Jesus as you look at his gentle manner with the woman caught in adultery, the woman who touched his hem, and with Peter after the resurrection. Suzanne also shares about noticing the small, gentle things God does for her (and each of us) on a daily basis.  Mark 5, John 8, John 21.

  • Conquering Self-Pity – Responding to the temptation of self-pity with a determination to love those around us helps us get past the preoccupation with ourselves. Suzanne will discuss 1 Corinthians 13 and Romans 12. She will also share about her own struggle with self-pity, especially involving social media, and challenge you to find joy in rejoicing with others.

  • Practical Advice from a Disabled Disciple – Is your church really accessible? Not just: “Do we meet ADA requirements,” but would a disabled person feel comfortable and welcome in your group? Suzanne draws on her own experiences with access issues and discusses what churches can do to make everyone feel valued. 




Suzanne can work with your existing worship team or lead worship by herself at the piano. She is proficient at leading a variety of contemporary praise songs, classic hymns, and even some of her own original worship songs. 

Suzanne is also happy to provide an informative discussion session with your worship team on including people with disabilities in a comfortable way. 



Suzanne simply asks that you cover the cost of travel expenses for herself and a companion (usually her husband). This would include driving mileage or flights, rental car, lodging, etc. Please note that lodging must be handicap accessible.

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